Blaž Peršin

Cukrarna, ph. Igor Andjelic


A journal for the future born out of Spring 2020. 
Against the queer moment, an ode to meditative thoughts and intimate creativity.


Cukrarna, ph. Igor Andjelic








Cukrarna, ph. Igor Andjelic


In Ljubljana, Slovenia is in process the building of new venue, a new Contemporary art center, which was before a Sugarmill factory.


Coronavirus Pandemia did not stop the works.
Cukrarna has been growing without a stop,
constantly, despite the hard times.


A promising new venue devoted to domestic and international art from different fields of expression: visual art, performance, sound art… a significant new value for the Art Community in Ljubljana, international artists and openminded  audience.

Expected to open in Autumn 2021 thanks to enthusiastic approach of all partners involved.





Blaž Peršin, Director of Museums and Galleries of Ljubljana (Slo)