Reanne Leuning


A journal for the future born out of Spring 2020. 
Against the queer moment, an ode to meditative thoughts and intimate creativity.



I was always convinced that I am a person that is made for city life. After growing up in a town with around 15,000 inhabitants, nothing better could have happened to me than moving to metropoles such as Athens, Brussels and Vienna. Everything about these cities excited me: the rich cultural life, the cosmopolitan atmosphere, the possibility to meet interesting people from all corners of the world, the chance to easily drive to the airport and jump on the next plane to a random destination, the opportunity to make a career and work on projects that have a lasting impact… Those were my dreams for life and where else to reach them than in bustling cities?





But everything has radically changed over the past months.

The adventure I have been yearning for over the biggest part of my life was

out of reach

as are all the facets of cities that make my heart beat faster.




For a lack of other options, I have been spending quite some time off the beaten tracks lately. And this made me realise something: never before did I have the patience to enjoy nature awakening.




the smell

of petals

brings back

distant memories




Reanne Leuning

Director Creative Industries
Austrian Federal Economic Chamber